Communities Fund - BME Engagement fund grant awards 2022 to 2023

2022 to 2023




Women of Colour Brighton group

Self-Love Festival – Wellbeing for Women of Colour


Ohisama Ahaha

Core Running Costs


Brighton Black Anti Racism Community Organisation (BARCO)

Dominoes Club


Brighton Multicultural Women's Cycle Club/The BMWs

Core Running Costs


BMECP 50+ Group

Core Running Costs


Banyan Tree Theatre Group

Songs and Sounds of Healing


The Open Minds Project

Core Running Costs


A Seat At The Table

Community Connection, Core Running Costs


The Open Minds Project (TOMP)

Walkie Talkies - Opening Minds on the Go, Core Running Costs


Euro-Mediterranean Resources Network

BME Engagement in Media, Arts and Cultural Heritage