Our City, Our World 

Schools across Brighton & Hove have worked together to produce a climate change, sustainability and environmental education programme.  

It is the first time schools have co-created a local climate strategy. Called, Our City, Our World, it provides an environmental education programme and resources to give children and young people the opportunity to develop skills and understanding about how to address local and global challenges. 

Our City, Our World is a response from schools on the crucial part they play in equipping children and young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to live in a changing climate and empowering them to make positive change.   

Watch the film of Mile Oak Primary School children involved with the City of Meadows project on ITV Meridian. 

Find out more about climate education and Brighton & Hove Youth Council in our climate action hub. 

Circular Economy  

Five schools in Brighton & Hove explored how people can avoid waste in food, textiles, plastics and technology through a series of activities and workshops on the Circular Economy. 

The workshops were organised by Sussex Wildlife Trust and local experts as part of the BLUEPRINT Circular Economy pilot

Watch their film on the Sussex Wildlife Trust website. 

Youth Climate Assembly 

Brighton & Hove held the first Youth Climate Assembly in the country. 

The amazing mobilisation and enthusiasm we've seen during the climate youth strikes in Brighton & Hove have shown that young people are a great force in pushing for change and coming up with creative ideas to combat climate change and the loss of biodiversity. 

Young people formed a youth citizen assembly to advise Brighton & Hove City Council on concrete actions to take on important issues like air pollution. 

The Youth Climate Assembly met online from September to December 2020. Participants came from schools, colleges and universities in Brighton & Hove. 

They were joined by some adult guests who were experts or had a particular interest in environmental issues and the council’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030. They focused on transport – the theme of Brighton & Hove’s main climate assembly. 

Contributors included:

  • councillors
  • our transport team
  • teachers
  • the head of Brighton & Hove Bus Company
  • community groups
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust 

They discussed videos from other experts – some local, some from other areas in the country – that were also shown to the climate assembly. 

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