Think globally, act locally

Just 2.5% of the city’s emissions come from the council, so we can only become carbon neutral by 2030 if everyone plays their part to reduce emissions.

We have a limited window of opportunity if we are to meet our carbon neutral target, but everyone can play their part to help address the climate crisis.

For some tips and support on how to do it, environmental website Enviropledge is encouraging Brighton & Hove residents to start making simple lifestyle choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

With 25 simple pledges, it’s easy to get involved.

Every action counts - love your clothes 

Take part in some fun activities that will revitalise your summer wardrobe and keep clothes and textiles in circulation for longer. 

Sew Fabulous is a community sewing and textiles studio based in Brighton Open Market. It has launched a sustainable fashion project called Love Your Clothes. 

Sew Fabulous teaches people of all ages to sew, to make their own clothes and to love the clothes they already own. They're holding a series of workshops, a community mending course and some party clothes swaps.  

The next events are the:

Both of these events are on Saturday 18 June from 2pm to 5pm.  

Check out the Love Your Clothes website. You can find information about how to reduce your environmental impact when it comes to the choices you make about what you wear.

Little steps can make a big difference

We'd love to have more happy pledgers in Brighton & Hove. So why not make a pledge today and start making a difference?

Make your pledge

Are you an eco-hero?

Test your knowledge of the impact of everyday habits in this eco-quiz and support tree planting by creating and sending an E-card.

Learn about climate change solutions

The University of Exeter has teamed with FutureLearn to provide a free online course about solutions for climate change.

So, if you want to learn more about climate change and what we can do about it, sign up for the Climate Change: Solutions course online.

Help tackle the big polluters

Transport, heating and electricity make up the bulk of our carbon emissions.

Saving energy

You may already be switching lights off when you leave the room and turning your heating down a notch but have you thought about moving to a renewable energy provider? 

You can save energy in your home whether you live in a council property, rent privately or own your own home.


If you regularly drive, could you leave the car at home for some journeys or for part of the week? Brighton & Hove has popular low-emission bus services across the whole city.

Have you considered changing to an electric vehicle?

Brighton & Hove has railway stations at Brighton, Preston Park, London Road, Moulsecoomb, Hove and Portslade and rail connections from all over the country.

You may already cycle to work, but for those not so confident, we offer cycle training.

Find out more about sustainable transport around the city.

Read about how you can help improve air quality..

We want to hear from you

Take part in the conversation on our ‘Let’s talk climate change’ online space.

Email to tell us how you and your local community are acting on climate change.

We also want to hear your ideas on any other actions we could take to help Brighton & Hove become a carbon neutral city by 2030.

Share your ideas, suggestions and inspiring stories with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Become a volunteer

Explore volunteer groups around the city on the Brighton & Hove Green Spaces Forum website.

Learn more

Other tips to reduce your impact


  • there are ways to save energy in your home whether you live in a council property, rent privately or own your own home
  • use a local renewable energy provider, like BHEsco

Wildlife and green spaces



  • grow your own food in your garden, patio, roof or balcony
  • get your food from local sources, like farmers' markets
  • buy food that's in season, it's cheaper and usually local
  • try to reduce your food waste 
  • commit to gardening peat free
  • visit the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership website for more information


Follow the principles of zero waste:

  • refuse - say no to disposable cutlery and other single use items
  • reduce - donate your unwanted belongings to charity shops and other non-profit organisations
  • reuse - use a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and cutlery. Save things like gift bags, glass jars and elastic bands and use them again instead of buying new
  • repair - learn basic sewing skills to fix holes in clothes or find local repair workshops to get help fixing a broken appliance
  • repurpose - use worn out t-shirts as cloths, newspaper or magazines as wrapping paper, or egg boxes for growing kitchen herbs
  • recycle - learn about what we can recycle in Brighton & Hove, you can also pay for an alternative kerbside collection from local organisations
  • rot - find a range of composting solutions for your kitchen, garden and in nearby community green spaces

For inspiration and reusable items, visit your nearest zero waste shop.