Our progress

Explore the Carbon Neutral 2030 programme, and how we’re investing in projects across the council through our Carbon Neutral Fund in our climate action hub

Read the latest news stories about the council’s work on tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency. 

See how we’re doing in our first Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report

The council accounts for just 2% of carbon emissions in the city. It’s up to everyone to imagine the future and make their voices heard.

We need you, our residents, businesses and visitors, to support us in the climate challenge we're facing.


Circular economy

We're working with council services, local businesses, organisations and industry experts to make policies, guidance to help keep materials in use for as long as possible. This will be done by re-using, recycling, remanufacturing and sharing resources.

This is known as the ‘circular economy.’ We aim to make this model central to the way we use our buildings, supplies and skills to deliver public services. 

Our plan for the circular economy was agreed by the Policy & Resources Committee in December 2020 (agenda item 100).

Read the Architect's Journal news feature about how the latest thinking on the circular economy is playing a part in the restoration of the seafront’s Madeira Terrace.

What the city is doing

Sustainable Gold Food City

We’ve become the country’s most sustainable city for food. 

The GB10 pledges

As a region we’ve pledged to be at the centre of partnership efforts to make real change.

Climate assembly 

The city has just successfully hosted its first Climate Assembly and the first Youth Climate Assembly. The assemblies’ recommendations will help the council create a plan to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality. 

Rampion Wind farm

The wind farm offshore Brighton & Hove creates enough green electricity to power 350,000 homes. 

Care without carbon

The Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust is developing a programme to reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare.

The Waste House

The Brighton Waste House is the first permanent ‘carbon negative’ public building in Europe to be constructed from around 85% waste. Despite the unusual materials, the Waste House has full planning and building regulations approvals.

Carbon offsetting

We're developing a 10 year plan to deliver our pledge to become Carbon Neutral by 2030 and to support our climate emergency declaration. We’re making it a priority to reduce carbon emissions as far as we possibly can.

Despite our actions, there may be some emissions that we are unable to get rid of. For this there will be a need for some carbon offsetting, for us and others in the city.

Carbon offsetting is when organisations or individuals invest or participate in schemes that reduce the equivalent amount of carbon emissions that have been created in other areas.

We're exploring options to develop a fair approach to carbon offsetting. We want to channel towards projects that have maximum benefits for our local communities and environment. 

This will form part of our 10 year carbon reduction plan. It'll include options for organisations and individuals to invest in as part of their offsetting efforts.

“There is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place!”
- Duncan Baker-Brown, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton