There are lots of opportunities to get involved with helping to restore nature and making space for wildlife. 

You can: 

Wild About Brighton is a community wildlife project which aims to promote wildlife and conservation in local green spaces across the city by working with residents, community groups and volunteers. 

Visit The Living Coast to find events, learn more about nature and more volunteer activities. 


Planting trees can be very beneficial for the environment, but it’s important to choose the right tree for the right place, not taking away from other biodiverse and valuable habitats and soils. 

Local groups can apply to the Urban Tree Challenge Fund for funding to plant trees in urban areas.   

Find out how you can request a tree planting through our Tree Trust scheme.  

Support biodiversity at home 

There are many ways to support local, national and even global biodiversity. You can help, even if you don’t have a garden or any outside space.  

Whatever space you have, The Wildlife Trusts have tips on how to grow a wild patch or ‘mini’ meadow.  

Choose locally grown organic food to help support wildlife, or have a go at growing your own – take a look at this ‘grow your own’ blog from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, or join one of the community gardens springing up around the city. 

If you do have outdoor space, the RSPB has a guide to gardening for wildlife. The Royal Horticultural Society has information about creating different habitats for wildlife. Garden Organic offers a guide on how to encourage biodiversity

If you would like to plant trees in your garden, the Woodland Trust can help you choose the right tree and where to plant it. You can also find out how to look after the tree, to give it a long life. 

During the nesting season keep dogs on a lead when out on the downs to protect ground-nesting birds such as skylarks. If you have a cat, the RSPB has some simple tips for preventing cats from catching and killing birds

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