Why take climate action

Read our top 10 reason why you should get involved in climate action.

Ten reasons why getting involved will make a difference to you and the planet

Getting involved in climate action:

  • creates a better place for children, grandchildren, and future generations
  • benefits everyone from cleaner air
  • moves away from fossil fuels which will reduce global warming and help solve the energy crisis
  • helps protect, nature, wildlife and green open spaces
  • improves physical and mental health as well as a healthier environment
  • helps us move further and faster to get benefits sooner by acting together
  • can save you money and time
  • can unlock new economic opportunities and jobs
  • helps to make a fairer society alongside positive environmental change
  • protects from future climate impacts of extreme weather and the effects on our food, health, and travel systems

How taking action on climate change can make all our lives better

Watch this film about how taking action on climate change and biodiversity loss can make our lives better.