Paving the way to a carbon neutral future

"Carbon Neutral 2030 logo"

Brighton & Hove City Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2018.

In answer to this we made a commitment as a city to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The way we act and the choices we make directly impact the effects of climate change. Reducing our carbon footprint can lead to lasting change around the world.

We’ve created a programme of works that will help residents, visitors and businesses play their part and get the benefits of reaching the 2030 target.

These include an improved and healthier environment for everyone and reducing the impacts of the climate and biodiversity emergency.

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The carbon neutral programme highlights the key actions that the council will take over the next 9 years, first focusing on the first 3 years, to make lasting and sustainable change.

We have broken down the plan into different sections, including:

  • travel and transport
  • energy and water
  • waste
  • the built environment
  • nature and environment

Each section has its own set of actions.

Change is needed as devastating and irreversible damage is being caused around the world, from extreme weather destroying key habitats and people's livelihoods, to the rapid and steady increase in endangered species, to food and water shortages.

This plan is the start of the journey to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

So please explore the actions we have planned and think about the changes you could make to reduce your emissions and join the journey.