About Patcham Court Farm

The 3.6 acre Patcham Court Farm site sits north of Patcham Village Conservation Area and Grade II listed Patcham Court Farmhouse. 

It forms part of a wider agricultural holding and was separated from the main farm in 1989/1990 because of the construction of the A27. 

The site has remained undeveloped for over 30 years and is used as open storage. 

Planning application BH2022/02232 

In July 2022 Royal Mail Group Ltd submitted a planning application for the erection of a storage and distribution building of 4,145 sqare metre in area, with associated access, parking, landscaping, re-grading of land, enclosures, and infrastructure works including two substations and an express vehicle maintenance facility. 

Where you can find information about the planning application 

All of the documents are publicly available on the Planning Register website. The application number is BH2022/02232.  

The planning process is public and transparent, so all the information taken into account in deciding the application will be online for the public to view. Key supporting documents are the Planning Update Note, the Planning Statement and the Design & Access Statement which provide a comprehensive overview of the scheme.