About Phase 1

The project to restore Madeira Terrace is an enormous task. We have raised enough funding to restore a part of the Terrace and, after consulting with the Design Team and the Advisory Panel, we initially selected 40 arches to restore.

As a result of increased construction costs, in December 2023 we announced that the first phase of the restoration would cover 28 arches between the Royal Crescent steps and Concorde 2, rather than 40. 

An artist's impression of the new, glass fronted, lift on Madeira Terrace. Along with a pedestrianised crossing and improved stairway.

Planning permission was granted for Phase 1 of the restoration at Planning Committee on 2 November 2022. 

Phase 1 will restore the Terrace as an outdoor destination, with a focus on:

  • community health and wellbeing
  • outdoor events

We will restore other sections of the Terrace as funding becomes available.

Key Features in Phase 1

As well as restoring 28 arches and between the Royal Crescent steps and Concorde 2, we expect that Phase 1 will also include:

  • a new lift - a key component for the scheme that will ensure access for all
  • a full replacement of the upper deck with a waterproofed deck infrastructure for canopies / shades and for pop-up events
  • painting with a system guaranteed to perform better in coastal conditions than traditional materials available to the Victorians
  • refacing and regreening the Green Wall where possible - much of this will take time to recolonise as the current wall has been there for 150 years and is older than the Terrace itself
  • a new staircase down from the deck next to Concorde 2 / Shelter Hall
  • reinstatement of the planted verges at Madeira Drive level
  • a more pedestrian friendly layout in front of the Terrace - providing beach access for all
  • seating to the upper and lower decks supporting people to sit and enjoy the views

These features are subject to acceptable bids coming forward in the Invitation To Tender we sent out in December 2023.

The new lift will provide 24-hour access and be accessible to all. It will replace the out-of-date smaller lift at Shelter Hall which requires a person to be present to operate it. We had to close the the Shelter Hall lift after a survey showed that the shaft needs major structural work. It can no longer safely support the weight of the lift. The cost of repairs is estimated to be at least £500,000 and could form part of a future phase of the restoration project. 

Repairs to the Royal Crescent steps will not form part of the Phase 1 project.