Alasdair Glass is smiling and has short gray hair and a short grey beard. He's wearing glasses and smiling. There is tree behind him with yellow leaves.
James Farrell is smiling and has short brown and grey hair and a short brown and grey beard. He is wearing black framed glasses and a black shirt.
Jax Atkins is smiling and has blonde hair with a fringe. Her photo is framed by an illustration of an arch from Madeira Terrace. #SaveMadeiraTerrace is written underneath.
Derek Wright is smiling and wearing a grey flat cap and glasses. He has a grey mustache.
Rebecca Bunker has dark brown hair with a fringe.
Rupert Radcliffe-Genge has close cut, short light hair and dark eyebrows.
Bill Smith is smiling on Brighton Beach. He has light grey hair which is showing underneath a navy baseball cap with a red letter C on the front. He's wearing a mauve hoodie and striped t-shirt.
Harry Smith has brown hair, quiffed at the front. He's smiling and wearing a pale blue and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt.