About Hove Station Area

The Hove Station Area is one of the key regeneration opportunities in the city, where a significant level of new development is expected to come forward over the next few years.

This will provide:

  • jobs
  • homes
  • a replacement bus depot
  • a range of community facilities
  • a high-quality public realm
  • high levels of environmental sustainability

The Hove Station Area Supplementary Planning Document (SPD 18) was adopted by the council in September 2021 to help guide and aid planning decisions on the area’s development. The document includes a wide range of advice to help ensure the council’s strategic objectives for the area are met. The vision is for a new sustainable urban quarter that integrates and connects with surrounding neighbourhoods and improves connectivity across the railway.  

Planning decisions in the area will also be guided by the Brighton & Hove City Plan (Parts 1 and 2) and the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan

The main development opportunities lie within and around the Conway Street Industrial Area, located to the west of Hove Station and south of the railway.   

Key landowners in this area include The Go Ahead Group (owner of the Brighton & Hove Bus Company), Matsim Properties, Network Rail and the council.