In developing the City Downland Estate Plan we wish to encourage lots of creative thinking and listen to a wide range of views on what your Vision for the City Downland Estate might be.

In seeking to encourage forward thinking and long-term views it is also important that some consideration is given to how practically they can be implemented. These are our key considerations:-

People cycling on South Downs

South Downs National Park Authority

The vast majority of the City Downland Estate falls within the South Downs National Park designation, therefore the policies of the National Park Authority - for example their Management Plan and Planning Policy - may in some cases have a bearing on what can be successfully delivered.

Physical Characteristics

The City Downland Estate has its own inherent and unique physical characteristics such as:

  • landscape
  • geology and soil types
  • protected habitats, heritage and archeological designations
  • water

A successful Vision should therefore be working with and toward the long-term sustainability and betterment of these characteristics.


A future Vision for the City Downland Estate will need to be financially viable. In addition to meeting day to day running costs the Council will need to consider how best to fund future investments and initiatives.

Leases and Commercial Agreements

We will respect the terms and conditions of our existing contractual commitments recognising that any discussions around the possible amendment of lease or contractual terms would be on an entirely voluntary and confidential basis.

Council Objectives and Policy

Any future Vision and or policies for the City Downland Estate must be broadly consistent with the wider objectives and policies of Brighton & Hove City Council, for example, The 2030 Carbon Neutral Target.