To help us draw up the plan, we have taken 4 themes and divided them up into a range of topics that we want to discuss with you  thinking in terms of:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

Themes and topics

Natural Systems:

  • soil
  • water
  • air
  • woodlands
  • grassland
  • marsh
  • wildlife
  • biodiversity
  • genetic diversity

Land Use and Management:

  • growing food - cattle, sheep or arable farming
  • commercial forestry for fuel or timber
  • buildings and car parks
  • leisure - golf, football pitches, parks

Climate Change:

  • carbon storage
  • renewable energy (wind or solar)
  • extreme weather events (storms, floods, heat-waves, drought)
  • disease
  • habitat or wildlife loss
  • disease


  • spirituality
  • tranquillity
  • heritage
  • views
  • recreation - kite flying, para-gliding, picnics
  • tourism
  • access, like walking, cycling, horse-riding 

This isn't a complete list of topics. If you think any are missing, please let us know. The online discussion groups offer a chance to hear about these themes and topics in more detail and to contribute your ideas and opinions.  

You can also contribute through visiting our consultation portal, to view the theme and topic maps and complete an online survey.

All the ideas and opinions contributed through both the discussion groups and the online consultation will be collected and presented at a follow up whole day event. This will be at the end of January. We will work with residents to find the priority areas for action now, and in the medium and longer term.