Young carers

What we do to support young carers in Brighton & Hove.

Defining 'young carers'

A young carer is a child or young person up to the age of 18, who helps to care for someone with a disability, mental health condition, substance misuse issue or long-term illness.

It's important that all young carers are supported in their roles so they don’t miss out, and their needs and wishes are considered.

How we support young carers and their families

In Brighton and Hove there is direct support for young carers from The Young Carers Project, part of The Carers Hub, and support for the whole family from The Integrated Team for Families (ITF), which is part of Brighton & Hove City Council.

The Young Carers Project can support young carers through access to group support, like school holiday activities, creative workshops or term-time drop-in sessions.

It can also help by giving young carers an allocated support worker, who'll be a point of contact for them. They'll also be able to advocate for the young carer and make sure their views are heard, for example at school or in multi-agency meetings.

Sometimes, this worker can offer some emotional support as well.

Where there might be gaps in support, a Family Coach from ITF (or social worker if the family already has one) can work with the family around anything that they might need support with, to change or improve their situation.

This could be:

  • completing a young carer's assessment and plan
  • looking at how to increase support for the young carer, and to reduce their caring role and responsibilities where needed and reduce any negative impact they experience
  • making sure the right services are involved to support all family members - this can include help to access these services
  • advocating for your family
  • support around issues like physical and mental health, housing, finances, parenting support, challenging behaviours and issues with education or attendance

Making a referral

If you identify a possible young carer, you can make a referral. Make sure you have consent from the family to make this referral. Referrals can be made by parents or professionals.

Once the referral is made The Young Carers Project will send out a welcome pack and get in touch. A Brighton & Hove City Council Family Coach will also get in touch to discuss if whole family support is something that the family might like to access.

Young adult carers

Those aged 16 to 25 years old, and who have a caring role, are considered young adult carers. The Carers Hub have a specific young adult carers support worker, who can carry out a transitions assessment and agree a support plan for their future.

Contact information

Send an email to with any questions about a young carer or their family, or to discuss a possible referral.