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If you want your child to move from infant school to start primary school in September 2021, rather than a junior school, you first need to apply for a school place at a junior school

Find out how to apply for school if your child needs to change or transfer schools during the school year or start school at any other time.

To start infant, junior or primary school in September 2021 the deadline to apply is 15 January 2021.

What happens next and what you need to do

  1. You will be offered a place at a junior school on 16 April 2021, National Offer day
  2. You then need to apply online for a place at a primary school, ideally before the start of summer half term
  3. We will check if it's possible to offer your child a place at the primary school you prefer and let you know in the second half of the summer term
  4. If you get offered a place at the primary school we will remove our offer of a place at the junior school

Other ways to apply

You can also apply for a school place by filling in a paper form

More information

Download our school application guides for more information.