About performance licences and exemptions

If you’re producing a performance which involves a child of school age you may need to apply for a performance licence or an exemption letter.

School age lasts until the last Friday in June of the school year in which the child becomes 16 years old.

Children who perform and take part in TV, film, theatre or modelling work must be looked after by a chaperone. This can be a parent, carer or a registered chaperone.

You don't need a performance licence or an exemption letter if the child is taking part in a school play organised by the school.

When you’ll need a performance licence

You need to apply for a performance licence if the child will:

  • perform for more than four days within a period of six months
  • take part in TV, filming, modelling, sport or theatre work
  • get paid for the performance, or their parent or carer will get paid

When you’ll need an exemption letter

You need to apply for an exemption if the performance will not be broadcast on TV, radio or the internet, and if the child:

  • will not get paid for the performance
  • will not miss any school
  • will not perform for more than four days within a period of six months, including the performance

Apply by email

You need to apply at least 21 days before the date of the performance. 

Download one of the applications below:

Send the completed application to:

Incomplete and late applications

Any incomplete or missing paperwork is the responsibility of the person or agent applying.

If an application is received late it may be declined.

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