About chaperones

Children who perform and take part in TV, film, theatre or modelling work must be looked after by a chaperone. This can be a parent, carer or a registered chaperone.

To become a registered chaperone with the Brighton & Hove City Council you need to live and pay Council Tax in the city.

Before you apply

  1. register for the chaperone training course, which costs £35 if you want to work as a volunteer or £79 if you want to work as a professional
  2. pass the course and get your learning badge
You need to pass the online course and apply at least 3 months before the performance takes place.

How to apply

We will then send two forms out to you and you'll need to:

  1. complete the chaperone application form
  2. complete the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form, which we use to check your criminal record
  3. return the forms by post to Access to Education, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove BN3 3BQ
  4. wait for the forms to be checked, which can take up to six weeks
  5. set up a meeting with the Child Employment and Entertainment Officer go to through the ID checks
  6. provide us with a recent photograph of you
  7. get your DBS certificate in the post and let the Child Employment and Entertainment Officer know you've received it
  8. post copies of your DBS certificate and the online learning badge to us
  9. get your chaperone licence in the post, which confirms you are a registered chaperone
  10. read documents about chaperones

Chaperone's duties and responsibilities

A chaperone looks after, guides, protects and supports the child in their care at all times.

The chaperone should have no other role during the performance.

Read about chaperone's duties and responsibilities (PDF 120KB)

More information

Read the DBS checklist for applicants (PDF 344KB)


Email: childperformancelicensing@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Phone: 01273 293 580