Zedify's eCargo bike fleet expands

About the business

Zedify is :

  • currently Brighton’s only eCargo bike courier
  • a full logistics service for local businesses, able to deliver internationally
  • offers zero-emission first, only and last mile deliveries
  • uses an electric van for deliveries out of the city centre
Zedify logo

Original operations

Zedify are award-winning experts at providing efficient, zero-emission deliveries by eCargo bikes from local micro-hubs. A switch to Zedify helps alleviate congestion, and reduce air pollution.

Zedify are looking to expand their operations and take on new customers to maximise the local benefits to the city that come with clean and efficient delivery services.

Their eCargo bikes offer:

  • reduced delivery times on congested streets
  • cheaper operating costs compared to cars and vans
  • high load capacity, with their eCargo bikes able to carry up to 250kg

Before benefitting from the eCargo Bike Accelerator Project, Zedify were covering 400 miles worth of deliveries a week with a fleet of 7 bikes.

Zedify was launched in 2018 to innovate and expand zero-emission delivery services in UK cities. They use eCargo bikes to transport the vast majority of their packages.


Through the eCargo Bike Accelerator Project, Zedify received 5 additional eCargo bikes:

  • 1x Urban Arrow Cargo XL
  • 2x Cycles Maximus
  • 2x EAVcab
The addition of 5 cargo bikes to our fleet has almost doubled our capacity; we're now seeing higher density routes and new business opportunities arise due to our ability to collect and drop more orders across Brighton & Hove.
- Zedify


The expanded fleet has provided Zedify Brighton with greater capacity to serve new and larger customers. Additional capacity has also improved the service area and delivery turnaround times for local customers.

The new eCargo bikes offer many advantages including:

  • fast deliveries
  • easy parking
  • more direct routes through the city
  • lower operating costs than vans
  • more fun to operate and offers light exercise.
  • CO2 savings compared to a diesel van

Zedify’s eCargo bikes are a visible example of positive change for the city. The company currently delivers around 2,000 packages per week across the city.

Businesses benefit from efficient local, national and international deliveries that replace the need for operating vans locally or having traditional couriers collect from them by van.

Zedify are continually expanding both in Brighton & Hove, and into new cities across the UK.

If you would like to switch to Zedify deliveries, send an email to transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk  to claim subsidies through the eCargo Bike Accelerator Project.