Pedal powered plumbers

About the business

  • Mittens provide plumbing, heating and bathroom design
  • They have over 20 years experience
  • They cover Kent, Sussex and London
  • They resolve domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing and heating faults
Plumber from Mittens riding an eCargo bike in front of Mittens truck

Original operations

The majority of Mittens’ Brighton & Hove site visits were conducted in a large 4x4 diesel Ford Ranger.

  • 10-12 daily visits to customers
  • Issues of traffic, parking and high fuel costs
  • Often stuck in rush hour traffic during the morning commute
  • Spent many hours of the day sat inactive, either driving or at a desk
Mittens Plumbing received impartial advice, to help them select the best eCargo bike for their needs.

eCargo bike specification 

With our advice Mittens chose the Riese & Müller Multicharger, which features:

  • a 500wh battery keeping the bike running for a full day of clients
  • 60kg payload
  • suspension and wide tyres makes riding all roads effortless
  • handles like a standard bike
Our bike has become the go-to means of transport for the company to carry out site visits.
- Mittens


The eCargo bike completes an average of 37.5 miles a week, and is used for nearly all of Mittens’ Brighton & Hove city centre site visits.

Using an eCargo bike for completing home visits has offered:

  • £350 monthly savings on fuel, insurance and parking
  • 5 weekly staff hours saved as riders spend less time in traffic and searching for parking
  • more enjoyable trips to clients

The eCargo bike’s carrying capacity is large enough to transport all of the necessary tools and equipment for the majority of site visits.

Mittens Plumbing plan to expand their bike fleet. Soon all estimators, project managers and office staff will use eCargo and electric bikes for completing quotation visits, site visits and commuting to and from the office.