An electrician and their eCargo bike

About the business

  • Family run business in Brighton and Hove, trading since 2006
  • Electrical and pump engineering
  • Covering Brighton, London and the rest of the South
  • Working with domestic, commercial and industrial clients
eCargo bike on Brigton seafront

Original operations

Mid Sussex Electrical used to only use diesel vans for site visits. They struggled with:

  • Time wasted in traffic and while finding parking
  • High Central London congestion and emissions charges


Inspired by a weekend in Amsterdam, and with funding from the DfT’s eCargo bike grant fund, Mid Sussex Electrical purchased their own eCargo bike.

Mid Sussex electrical was the UK‘s first electrical contractor to adopt eCargo bikes.

Through the eCargo Bike Accelerator Project, Mid Sussex Electrical is being advertised to other Brighton & Hove businesses.

eCargo bike specification 

Mid Sussex electrical chose the Riese & Müller load 75, which features:

  • interchangable riding positions to make the bike accessible to the whole team
  • A 160kg maximum load
  • full suspension offering a comfortable ride all day
In just 18 months, the eCargo bike has covered over 5,000 miles
- Mid Sussex Electrical


Switching to using an eCargo bike has brought a number of advantages for Mid Sussex Electrical, including:

  • Reduced fuel costs (£2 worth of charge offers up to 100km of range)
  • Zero parking and congestion charge costs
  • Riders receive fitness, improving their wellbeing
  • Zero emission travel

The eCargo bike has sufficient capacity to cater for 80% of site visits, with room to carry tools, heaters and even ladders. The bike can also be brought into businesses and homes, acting as a mobile toolbox.

The eCargo bike brings a novelty factor, making it eye-catching and a great marketing opportunity.

Mid Sussex Electrical see using a zero emission vehicle as a very tangible way of showing customers their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.