Delivering gin by electric assist cargo-bike 

About the business

Brighton Gin offers:

  • handmade, small batch British craft gin
  • gluten free and 100% vegan product and packaging
  • distillery tours
  • pop-up bars and bartender training
eCargo bike with Brighton Gin branding

    Original operations 

    Brighton Gin had completed zero-emission bike deliveries in the past, but always struggled up the hills as they used regular bicycles.The majority of city-centre deliveries were completed by van.

    • 85-90 weekly van miles in the city centre
    • issues with traffic, parking and high fuel costs
    • trialed non-electric cargo bikes

    Brighton Gin were taking on new inner-city customers and were searching for a more efficient form of delivery.

    Brighton Gin received impartial advice to help them select the best eCargo bike for their needs.

    eCargo bike specification 

    With our advice Brighton Gin chose the Urban Arrow Cargo XL, which features:

    • a 500wh battery keeping the bike running for a full day of deliveries
    • 150kg payload
    • 600 litre maximum volume

    They added a Fleximodal BicyLift Trailer, which features:

    • a built in lifting system to walk/ride while carrying a pallet 
    • 180kg maximum trailer laod capacity
    • carries 120 1 metre pallets
    Our e-Cargo bike has already replaced the vast majority of Brighton Gin van trips around town.
    - Brighton Gin


    In the first three weeks of operations, the eCargo bike has already covered 150 miles.

    Switching to eCargo bike deliveries has meant:

    • £147 monthly savings on fuel, insurance and parking
    • delivery staff do not require a driver's licence
    • easily deliver heavy loads up a hill
    • ability to deliver to previously inaccessible addresses

    The bike has allowed non-drivers to participate in deliveries, better sharing the workload. Rider confidence has been boosted
    through free eCargo bike training, delivered by Brighton & Hove City Council.

    Riders now have the ability to deliver directly to previously inaccessible addresses, while preparing the business for a proposed car-free city centre.

    We have already covered more than 150 miles in our first three weeks of usage.
    - Brighton Gin