Brighton & Hove City Council’s post team transition to eCargo bike

About the department:

  • Organises internal post between council departments
  • Makes daily deliveries to offices
  • Delivers equipment and documents to schools

Original operations

Previously the council post room used 3 diesel vehicles for deliveries. These vehicles made inner-city deliveries slow, with drivers facing issues around parking and congestion.

The team wanted an alternative. Having seen Zedify’s eCargo bikes, we decided this was the perfect solution. The eCargo bike would offer faster delivery times, more flexibility around parking and remove a polluting vehicle from the city centre’s roads.

The Post Room received impartial advice, to help them select the best eCargo bike for their needs.

eCargo bike specification 

With our advice The Post Room chose the Urban Arrow Cargo XL, which features:

  • riders to carry a full day's worth of post
  • lockable flight case to keep post secure and dry
  • easy parking in the city centre
The eCargo bike gives our team more flexibility, allowing any member of the team to help with deliveries. We can access every part of the city and efficiently complete deliveries even at peak times.
- Brighton & Hove City Council Post Room


The team now completes 30% of their trips by eCargo bike.

The eCargo has offered many key advantages including:

  • ease of parking
  • storing it near the council buildings which takes up less space than a van
  • enough capacity for the largest postal runs
  • learning to use the bike quickly

The team highly recommend that other council departments and local businesses make the switch to eCargo bikes.

This is an important step for preparing businesses for a potential car free city centre.

The eCargo bike is eye catching and demonstrates that the council is leading by example.

This is a great way to encourage local businesses to switch to sustainable deliveries which can create a less polluted city centre.