Specialists in energy efficiency choose eCargo bikes

About the business

  • Leading the transition to clean, affordable, community owned energy
  • Assess the energy efficiency of buildings
  • Project manage the installation of energy improvements
  • Run community energy projects, helping schools, places of worship, leisure centres and office spaces meet their low carbon goals
BHESCo employee standing with eCargo bike

Original operations

BHESCo complete home visits to assess what can be done to improve thermal comfort and cut energy costs.

The following products can be installed to reduce energy consumption:

  • radiator heat reflector panels
  • LED lights
  • draught-proofing

Before receiving the e-cargo bike, BHESCo used a conventional bicycle and had to make two trips to every property: the first to assess what would be required and the second to bring the relevant measures and install them. Now they load up the eCargo bike with a good supply of stock and can get everything done in one visit.

BHESCo received impartial advice to help them select the best eCargo bike for their needs.

eCargo bike specification 

With our advice BHESCo chose the Tern GSD S10, which features:

  • front and rear racks offer a carrying capacity of 80kg
  • dual battery option extends the bike's range to cover the team's longest rides
  • can be stored on its rear end, taking up less space than a standard bike
Our travel time between home visits has been massively reduced, even over all those Brighton hills!


As a result of using an eCargo bike, BHESCo have doubled the number of households they can assist.

Using a cargo carrying ebike:

  • cuts down on staff travel time.
  • allows the team to travel further, covering homes as far as Saltdean and Ovingdean
  • 80% of site visits can be completed by bike
  • makes parking at sites a breeze

It's key that we take steps to create a net zero carbon city by 2030. BHESCo is working hard to achieve this, helping residents, schools and businesses to achieve greater energy efficiency. Having the e-Cargo bike enables BHESCo to support even more residents through reduced journey times.

eCargo bikes are helping businesses prepare for a potential car-free city centre. As experts in energy efficiency, BHESCo would highly recommend the widespread use of eCargo bikes by Brighton & Hove businesses.