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Update 19July 2021

Following an extensive public consultation with thousands of care staff, residents and families, from October 2021 (subject to parliamentary approval and a 16 week grace period), people working in CQC-registered care homes must have two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, unless they have a medical exemption.

It will apply to all workers employed directly by the care home or care home provider (on a full-time or part-time basis), those employed by an agency, and volunteers.

Those coming into care homes to do other work, for example healthcare workers, tradespeople, hairdressers and beauticians, and CQC inspectors, will also have to follow the new regulations, unless they are likewise medically exempt.

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Update 20 May 2021

From 4 May 2021, residents may be able to leave their care home to spend time outdoors, without subsequent isolation for 14 days. This is subject to the provider's overall policy on outward visits and the individual resident's risk assessment. If there is an outbreak in a care home, the care home should immediately stop outward visiting.

Please see the Visits out of care homes: supplementary guidance.

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How to Work Safely in care homes

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Updated government guidance on care home visiting

This guidance was updated on 14 May 2021 and replaces previous guidance on care home visiting. It applies to care homes for working age and for older adults.

Care home visiting should be supported wherever it is possible to do so safely. Visiting should be supported by the guidance and within an environment set up to manage risks. If there's an outbreak in a care home, the care home should immediately stop visiting (except in exceptional circumstances such as end of life).

Read the latest summary guidance on the GOV.UK website.

For more information go to our Visiting care homes page.

Working together to stay safe

If you have your first ever COVID-19 case or 2 or more cases of COVID-19 in your home / setting, please contact the Public Health England Health Protection Team

If you have one case, please send an email We can provide support, follow up and ensure we are aware of what’s happening in the city.

If you have one case or more please also let your visiting GP or Practice nurse know. Please send an email to let us know who your visiting GP is.

Complete the NHS Capacity Tracker on a daily basis if possible.

Infection Control

For support with Infection, prevention and control, send an email to


If you have problems registering or the swabs haven't been delivered, please contact the DHSC helpline number on 0300 303 2713 or send an email to

For questions about registration or late results, send an email to

COVID-19 testing for frontline key workers

You can book a test using the government’s self-referral portal.

Access the government self-referral portal.

The government have also published a guide for using the self-referral portal.

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