Date of event: 13 to 26 September

Location: Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square, Brighton, BN1 1GE

We asked children from Carlton Hill, Elm Grove and St Luke’s primary schools to draw what their perfect street would look like. 

The drawings they created were not only exceptionally creative but also very telling. Children imagined their streets as greener, more colourful places to play in. 

As well as less cars, the children wanted to see cycle lanes and cycle storage. They wanted their streets to be more accessible to disabled people too.

The most popular things the children wanted to see were:

  • seating areas
  • trees
  • flowerbeds
  • bird feeders
  • play areas

The My Dream Street exhibition brings together these imaginative drawings. It gives visitors a taste of what our streets would look like if children designed them. 

The My Dream Street project links to the Liveable Hanover and Tarner Neighbourhood pilot. This pilot will reduce the amount of motorised traffic cutting through the area. This would make the streets safer and more pleasant to walk, wheel and socialise in.