Our commitment to the Living Wage

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign aims to encourage local businesses to voluntarily pay all employees a decent hourly rate.

The Living Wage is a minimum hourly wage that takes into account certain basic costs of living. This is a voluntary commitment by employers, separate from the statutory National Minimum Wage.

The new rate is announced every November during Living Wage week and businesses are given until 1 April to implement the new rate.

The Living Wage (outside of London) is currently £10.90 per hour. 

Establishing a living wage for Brighton & Hove was a huge step forward in tackling inequality in the city. In October 2011, a Living Wage Commission for the city was established by the council. Public, private and voluntary sector representatives and trade unions in Brighton & Hove worked together to consider the benefits and challenges of establishing a living wage for the city. 

Brighton Chamber held a Big Debate to let the city’s businesses voice their views. When it came to the vote, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of a Living Wage. 

We regularly survey our Living Wage employers and who report how positive the effect of paying the living wage is for them and their employees.

See the results of the Living Wage employee surveys.

If you are an employer, find out more and sign up to join Brighton & Hove’s Living Wage employers

We introduced the voluntary living wage for our lowest paid staff in April 2013 and we're accredited as a Living Wage employer. 

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