City employment and skills recovery plan 2021 to 2023

See the priorities of the 2 year recovery plan and what we and our partners are doing to promote jobs and opportunities for local residents.

About the recovery plan

Brighton & Hove is the most successful coastal city in the UK. It has a strong knowledge economy, an entrepreneurial workforce and high business start-up rates.

It also benefits from a strong collaborative ethos through formal and informal networks and partnerships with education, businesses and the third sector.

A new 2-year recovery plan has been created to ensure the city understands and benefits from national investment in innovation, education, skills and employment initiatives.

The plan reflects the current and emerging impact of:

  • the Coronavirus pandemic
  • the end of Brexit transition arrangements with the EU
  • extensive policy reforms to the further and higher education landscape
  • the government’s Plan for Jobs 2020

The plan will continue to evolve over the next 2 years to:

  • respond flexibly to emerging local priorities
  • deliver regional projects
  • implement and monitor national reforms
  • support economic recovery, increase productivity and close skills gaps

The Adult Learning and Skills Partnership (ALSP) will oversee the delivery of the plan and regular reports will be provided to council committees.

Read or download the recovery plan

Go to our City employment and skills recovery plan 2021 to 2023.

More information

The Brighton & Hove Economic Strategy continues to provide the evidence base for employment and the narrative for the city’s economic priorities.

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