Brighton & Hove Local Employment Scheme

A service dedicated to increasing employment opportunities in the construction industry for local people and local businesses.

About the Brighton & Hove Local Employment Scheme

As part of the objectives of Brighton & Hove City Council’s adopted City Plan Part 1 policies (CP2 and CP7) apprenticeships, training and job opportunities for local residents are sought from developers on major development schemes.

The Local Employment Scheme responds to the needs of the construction industry delivering projects in the city, and employment and training goals of local people.

Major development proposals are required to provide direct provision of employment and training opportunities by the developer, together with a financial contribution secured through planning permission under a S106 legal agreement.

Further information on how the contribution will be sought can be found in the council’s Developer Contributions Technical Guidance.

Training benefits the construction industry as a whole, which struggles to meet demands. This is because of an increasing national skills shortage.

The financial contribution will contribute to the activities of the Local Employment Scheme, including the provision of training. 

For the city, the aim is to improve the employability of local people wishing to enter employment in the industry, or those working at entry level and seeking to upskill. This increases the earning potential of both groups. 

The objectives of the Local Employment Scheme

The main objectives are to:

  • increase employment and training opportunities for people living in Brighton & Hove
  • promote the use of the local supply chain, local construction trade contractors, recruitment agencies and training providers where appropriate

Developers, their agents or main contractors need to submit an employment and training strategy. This sets out how they'll work with the Local Employment Scheme regarding employment and training on their respective projects.

Contractors are supported with engagement with local education and to promote careers in the industry. This includes all ages from primary school to higher eduction at University of Brighton.

How training is provided

The Local Employment Scheme works in partnership with the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and delivers a 4-week course called Introduction to Construction. This course helps participants prepare for work, identify their area of interest and future pathways, including apprenticeships.

The Local Employment Scheme negotiates apprenticeship opportunities on sites, and collaborates with TrAC Shared Apprentice Scheme.

TrAC manage the journey of an apprentice through several placements during the life of their apprenticeship, where a placement for the full apprenticeship cannot be facilitated.

Contractors are encouraged to identify specific training that will improve project delivery where they are experiencing skills shortages.

Opportunities are promoted through a network of employment support initiatives, including the Department for Work and Pensions and the council’s Youth Employability Service.

Read the guide for developers and contractors (PDF 132KB) for more information on the scheme.

How to get in touch

To contact the Local Employment Scheme Co-ordinator: