Surrender a Premises Licence

How to surrender a Premises Licence by notifying us in writing.

Licensing Act 2003: Surrender Premises Licence 

LA2003- Section 28: 

28 Surrender of premises licence 

(1) Where the holder of a premises licence wishes to surrender his licence he may give the relevant licensing authority a notice to that effect. 

(2) The notice must be accompanied by the premises licence or, if that is not practicable, by a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the licence. 

(3) Where a notice of surrender is given in accordance with this section, the premises licence lapses on receipt of the notice by the authority. 

(4) This section is subject to section 50 (which makes provision for the reinstatement in certain circumstances of a licence surrendered under this section). 

How to surrender a Premises Licence

To surrender a Premises Licence you must notify us in writing of your wish to do so. 

Even if you have left a premises, if you are named as the Premises Licence Holder, you are still responsible for any Licensable Activities that take place on site as well as the annual fee. 

Download our Surrender a Premises Licence form (below). If more than one person holds the Premises Licence, it must be signed by all Premises Licence Holders. 

The form must be accompanied by the Premises Licence or an explanation on the form as to why this it is not possible. 

The Premises Licence will lapse with immediately effect upon receipt of a valid notification under section 28 of the Licensing Act 2003. 

It is possible for a licence that has been surrendered to be reinstated under the provisions of section 50 of the Licensing Act 2003 but there is a 28 day limit on this from when the licence is surrendered. 

Download the form

Surrender a Premises Licence form
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