Street trading options in Brighton & Hove

Find out what licences you need to sell food or trade in the city. Includes pedlars and static pitches.

Street Trading in Brighton & Hove is managed by our Street Trading Policy.  

Our Licensing Committee approved this policy on 31 December 2010 and it came into force on 23 June 2011.

If you cannot find the information you require below:

Selling food

As well as any trading consent, if you intend to sell food you also need to be registered as a food premises. This is managed by our Food Safety Team.

You'll need a food hygiene qualification and your premises or vehicle will need to be inspected.

Hot chestnut sellers

Permits to sell hot chestnuts are available between 1 November and 10 January on one of the following streets:

  • Duke Street
  • Market Street

Apply by submitting a hot chestnut seller application form (PDF 115KB).

Trading from a static pitch

Trading from a static pitch is limited to 5 pitches within the city centre street trading zone, known as zone A. These are:

  • Clarence Square (50 square feet)
  • Marlborough Street (50 square feet)
  • Crown Street (42 square feet)
  • Castle Street (50 square feet)
  • Dean Street (42 square feet)

View a map of the street trading zones in Brighton & Hove

Apply to go on the waiting list for a street trading static pitch

The waiting list for pitches is approximately 3 to 4 years. If you wish to go on the waiting list, submit an application.

We don't need payment or supporting documentation until we grant your permit.

Visit our street trading fees page for more information on payment requirements.

Mobile street trading

Mobile street trading is suitable for sales from vehicles like ice cream vans and burger vans. Mobile street trading is only permitted in zone B (outside the city centre).

View a map of the street trading zones in Brighton & Hove.

To apply follow these steps:

  1. Read through the street trading guidance notes.
  2. Complete a street trading application form.

Mobile street trading within zone A is prohibited. 

Unlicensed mobile street traders on the seafront, in parks and open spaces and along Madeira Drive will face enforcement action. 

Our environmental enforcement officers will issue Community Protection Warnings to unlicensed traders if they come across them on daily patrols and if they’re reported directly to us. 

The Community Protection Warning will ask traders to leave the area immediately and not return.   

If traders return, we will issue a Community Protection Notice with further instructions to not repeat the offence.  

Failure to abide by the Community Protection Notice will result in a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice with the possibility of prosecution.  

Further information about enforcement in the city can be found on our environmental enforcement framework web pages.


Private markets

Some markets within the Brighton & Hove area are privately run and should be contacted directly.

Download Visit Brighton's guide to markets in Brighton & Hove which lists the current markets in the area.

Markets run by Brighton & Hove City Council

The markets listed below are run by Brighton & Hove City Council.

Upper Gardner Street Market

Upper Gardner Street Market operates on Saturdays from 7am until 5pm. There are a number of pitches available throughout the year.

Applications can be made by submitting an Upper Gardner Street application form.

If there are no pitches available, applicants can join the waiting list until a pitch becomes free.

George Street Market, Hove

This is a Saturday market operating in the centre of Hove. This market specialises in artisan goods and local produce.

Applications are made by submitting a street trading application form, stating ‘George Street’ as the zone/location.

Small Street Market/Farmers Market

Apply for a small street market (PDF 70KB).

Private land

If a land owner gives their permission for you as a trader to operate on their private land, consent is not needed from the council. However, if food is sold, you should still register the business with the Food Safety Team.

Street artist

Street artist permits are available for the sale of paintings in one of the following streets:

  • East Street
  • Duke Street
  • Market Street

Only paintings created at the time of sale are permitted to be sold with a street artist permit. You may not sell merchandise or products which have been previously created.

Applications are made by submitting a street artist application form (PDF 119KB).

Pedlar’s licences

Sussex Police issue Pedlar’s Licences in Brighton & Hove and the sale of food under these licences is prohibited. Although permitted in the city centre, only small trays/barrows etc. are permitted and Pedlars must be mobile at all times.

For further information phone the Police Licensing Unit on 101 ext. 50827.