Lotteries and Raffles

You can register a lottery or raffle with us if it's for sporting or charity purposes and the value of ticket sales won't be over £20,000.

Local councils are the registration authority for society lotteries promoted for the purpose of raising funds for sporting, charitable or benevolent purposes. A typical society lottery would be a local school parent-teacher association or a local amateur football club. 

Lotteries not promoted by societies or where the value of tickets for sale in a lottery exceeds £20,000 have to register with the Gambling Commission and not their local council.

Licence application forms and notes

Application for lottery registration [PDF 59kb]

Explanatory notes for the guidance of local societies [PDF 29kb]

Return of expenses, proceeds and application of proceeds of lottery [PDF 37kb]

Application to hold a lottery or raffle [PDF 32kb]

Exempt lotteries

Exempt lotteries do not require a licence from the Gambling Commission, although small society lotteries are required to register with their local authority.  In addition to small society lotteries, exempt lotteries include:

  • Incidental non-commercial lotteries - commonly held at charity fund raising events
  • Private society lotteries - only members of the society and those on society premises can particiapte in the lottery
  • Work lotteries - only people who work together on the same premises may participate
  • Residents' lotteries - only people who live at the same premises may participate
  • Customer lotteries - only customers at the business premises may participate

The Gambling Commission provide information on organising small lotteries 


  • Gambling Act 2005

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