Licence applications received

View applications received on a weekly basis in the Public Register.

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Licences are needed by many businesses in the city which may make an impact on the surrounding environment. This could be to do with noise levels, more traffic or extra policing at certain times of the week. Certain licence applications are open for consultation. Comments regarding licences can be made at any time during the year and council officers routinely monitor the operation of premises where we have issued licences. How to do this can be found at this link - The Licensing Act 2003 Commenting on applications

A list of applications received can be found in our Public Register and all applications can be viewed on the Register by using various details including:

  • trading name or applicant name
  • premises address
  • application type
  • date received
  • post code

Consultation periods are shown in the premises record under the Consultation tab.

In addition, the link to our Public Register will give you the opportunity to view applications received on a weekly basis.  Selecting ‘View Weekly Lists’ and entering a date range will show all applications received and what they are requesting.

All consultations are carried out in accordance with policy and legislation. Most applications under the Licensing Act 2003 and for new and renewal Sex Establishments require:

  • display of a notice on premises
  • publication of notice in a local paper
  • publication on the council’s web sites.

Sussex Police are automatically consulted over every application relating to: 

  • Licensing Act 2003
  • street trading
  • sex establishments
  • amusements with prizes
  • betting track applications.

Current and new applications, premises variations and reviews are available to view from our Public Register.

Changes to legislation                                                                 

There have been changes made to The Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 regarding advertisement of applications.  Statutory notice of new applications is given in our Public Register and can be viewed using the Weekly Lists.  This link should be read for more information:

The Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 (pdf 18kb)