Safety in hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments

Get information and help keeping hotels, guest houses, and bed and breakfast establishments safe for customers and workers.

Make a complaint about your accommodation 

If you're unhappy with the safety of the guest accommodation at your hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast speak to the manager of your accommodation and let them know.

We're unable to take action if your concern is about poor housekeeping or shabby conditions. 

If you cannot resolve an issue and feel you've not received the level of service you paid for, go to the GOV.UK website citizen and rights web page.

We will always follow up safety concerns such as food hygiene or dangerous electrics. Contact the health and safety team to report a safety concern.

Safety information for hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodation

Keeping customers and employees safe and healthy is a legal requirement that is good for your business.

If you are a small business, you can get information and help on the Health and Safety Executive's Health and safety made simple web page. As you work through the sections, hopefully you will find that health and safety can be straightforward and does not need to involve excessive effort or complicated documentation.

There are particular risks that apply to hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, some of which have specific regulations to cover them. We have listed these in separate downloadable booklets below, please look and consider those that apply to your business when you are doing your risk assessment. 

Premises licence

Your premises may require a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003. For more information on applying for the licence or general licensing enquiries visit the licensing and gambling web page.

Food hygiene and safety

You must register your premises with our food safety team if you intend to serve food and/or drink . For more details go to the food safety web page.


To ensure that your premises has the correct planning permission for its intended use please go to the planning section of the website.