Health & Safety at Work Advice for Young People

Hazards young people may face at work

One young person is killed every month in a workplace accident and thousands more are injured, according to a study by the Trade Union Congress (TUC). Their article 2young2die highlights some of the harrowing stories behind the statistics, where young people have been killed or have to live with the consequences of accidents and damaged health for the rest of their lives.

Some young people may be at risk because their employers fail to take account of their lack of workplace experience. They may be at particular risk because of:

  • their lack of awareness
  • be unfamiliar with their surroundings
  • be physically or psychologically less suited to certain tasks
  • their lack of skills and training

Every employer must carry out a risk assessment [pdf 78 kb] for the young person and the tasks they carry out as part of their work activity. 

What are Brighton & Hove City Council doing to tackle the problem?

Health & Safety Officers visit workplaces to pass on advice about health & safety law and to check compliance. They may also visit schools and colleges to give talks to young people about young worker safety. The Officers liaise with the Education Welfare Officer employed by Brighton & Hove City Council and pass on details of young people working in the city.

The Education Welfare Officer enforces Child Employment Law. He checks that young people aged between 13-16 do not carry out work activities they are not permitted to do and checks that the young persons school work is not adversely affected by their job. You can found out more on our child employment page.

The Health and Safety and Licensing Team have produced a guidance leaflet entitled Young Worker Safety [PDF 268kb].

More information

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website which contains section dedicated to young worker safety for young people, employers, parents and supervisors.

 ROSPA Young Workers : An online resource for young people, their employers and work experience organisers.

Wise Up To Work : A website set up by the Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health

Contact the team

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