Why a business may not have a food hygiene rating

Find the reasons a food business may be missing from the food hygiene rating list.

Reasons a food business may not have a rating

There are a few reasons you may not be able to find the business you're looking for on the food hygiene rating scheme website.

It may be a new business that we haven’t inspected yet. We can’t stop a new business opening or changing owners unless we have serious concern.

All food businesses have to register with their local council before they open. We aim to carry out a first inspection within 28 days of the business opening.

We aim to upload inspection details every 2 weeks. We may have done the inspection but not put the score on the website yet.

Owners of food 'mobiles,' like hotdog vans and market stalls, often store their vehicles outside Brighton & Hove. So, they may have registered with their home local authority. These may not be on our system.

The Food Standards Agency does not include smaller businesses, retailers, wholesalers, importers and distributors. These businesses have certificates to explain this.

Domestic caterers, childminders, mobile caterers and market stalls trading from their own private address will not be on the website. They can request to have a rating if they wish.