Respond to your food hygiene rating

Find out the ways you can respond to your food hygiene rating.

Ways you can respond

The food hygiene rating scheme is a national scheme. Local authorities and the Food Standards Agency run the scheme in partnership.

The scheme lets people see the hygiene standards in your food business. It means people can make informed choices about where they eat or shop for food. It also encourages businesses to keep excellent hygiene standards.

We base the rating (from 0 to 5) on the hygiene standards we find. Our food safety officers make sure your business is following legal requirements.

We want to make sure the scheme is fair to businesses. So, you have the opportunity to respond to your rating. As a business, you:

  • can appeal the rating - if you think your rating is wrong or unfair
  • have the right to reply - add your comments to the food hygiene ratings scheme website
  • can request a re-visit - we can inspect your business again, after you’ve made recommended improvements