Open a food stall in a market

If you run or intend to open a food market stall, find out what food hygiene laws you have to follow.

Find food safety guidance for your food stall

We have guidance that covers all food hygiene legislation. This includes trading standards law. 

Download these food safety guidance documents:

  • food safety guidance for farmers' markets
  • food guidance for French market traders
  • rules for food hygiene for stalls at outdoor events

The main topics covered are:

  • registration of food premises: fill in the food business registration form
  • transport of food
  • water supply and washing facilities
  • storage and display of food
  • temperature control
  • design and cleanliness
  • personal hygiene
  • waste storage
  • training
  • trading laws: food labelling, pricing, weights and measures

Find more information about street trading and local markets.

To request copies of the guidance phone 01273 292 161 or send an email to