Join the Healthy Choice scheme

Our Healthy Choice scheme supports businesses that prepare, cook and serve healthy meals.

How to apply

Businesses that make a range of healthy choice commitments receive a Healthy Choice award.

To apply you'll need to do the following:

  1. Register your interest by sending an email to or phone 01273 294 416. We’ll visit and look at your menus and how you cook
  2. Complete the Healthy Choice application form and download the essential guide to healthier catering
  3. We’ll make recommendations where changes are necessary to achieve a Healthy Choice commitment or award. Once you’ve made the changes, we’ll issue your certificate and promotional materials

Benefits to your business

Local research found that residents want to know what's in their food and drink. They worry about how food affects their health.

By becoming a Healthy Choice caterer, you could:

  • expand your market by appealing to people who choose a healthy lifestyle
  • receive council recognition and free promotional materials
  • get free advice, training and support

You’ll get a certificate and promotional materials. You can use the Healthy Choice logo in your publicity. 

We can give you digital marketing materials and content for your website, social media, blog or newsletter.

This will help customers recognise your business as one that provides healthy choices.

Find examples of businesses and their Healthy Choice commitments.

How we support you

Help is on hand throughout the process. 

We offer free nutrition workshops and guidance that’s relevant to your business.

We can give you information about local suppliers, which makes it easier to choose healthy ingredients. 

We’ll publish details about upcoming events on this page.

Send an email to or phone 01273 294 416 to arrange a workshop at your business.

Sugar Smart City 

Sugar Smart City is a joint initiative from the council, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. 

Make a Sugar Smart commitment to support our efforts to tackle the sugar problem.

Make one of these pledges or come up with your own:

  • offer and promote free tap water to all customers
  • add a 10p to the price of sugary drinks to support the Children's Health Fund
  • offer a choice of low sugar or no added sugar drinks and snacks
  • offer small portions of sugary food and drinks
  • develop a healthy and low sugar children's menu

Tell us how you support your customers to make healthier choices. Use the hashtag #sugarsmartcity.