How to keep your food business safe and hygienic

Information for food businesses about how to do hazard analysis to work in a safe and hygienic way.

What hazard analysis is

You have to consider the possible risks in each step of food production. You also have to decide if food could become unfit to eat.

This could be because of physical, chemical or microbiological hazards.

If there is a risk, you must take action to remove the hazard. We call this process hazard analysis. 

Guidance on hazard analysis

Find out how to do hazard analysis from the Food Standards Agency. 

The Department of Health also has information about hazard analysis.

Find more general information about food safety in the Safer Food, Better Business guidance.

In this guidance you can find out how to:

  • identify different hazards
  • find where the hazards are
  • remove or reduce the hazard
  • check your solutions work

We have put together some guidance documents to help you with your food hygiene inspection.

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