How to dispose of used cooking oil

Find out your responsibilities as a food business owner.

How to get rid of your used cooking oil

If you have a business that produces used cooking oil, you need to store it in a covered leak-proof container.

You must use a licensed contractor to collect your waste oil. Your collector must have the appropriate duty of care documentation when they transport your oil.

You need to use a licensed contractor to collect your oil. The oil is then used to produce biodiesel, or for burning as fuel. 

You should get your waste cooking oil collected separately from other commercial waste. 

Do not dispose of your oil unsafely or illegally

Do not mix waste cooking oil into normal trade waste collection. This can cause spills and pollution and could result in a duty of care offence. 

Find out more about duty of care offences from GOV.UK.

Do not pour used cooking oil down the drain. It can lead to major blockages.

You cannot include used cooking oil from food businesses as an ingredient in animal feed.

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