Covid-19 secure risk assessment

Covid-19 secure risk assessment Done Notes

Has the business COVID-19 risk assessment been reviewed?

Has refresher training been undertaken for all staff?




Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)

Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) Done Notes
Businesses are being urged to undertake LFT with staff. Find more information.    


Collecting customer information and data gathering

Collecting customer information/data gathering:

Done Notes

It is mandatory for hospitality businesses to help the NHS ‘Test and Trace’ service by providing a record of customers and staff when asked to do so. As such, you must hold a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days.  

You are also required to:

  • display an NHS QR code.
  • have an additional system in place for people who don’t have NHS app or a smart phone

Think about data protection with any system set up.

You are required to take reasonable steps to decline entry to people who refuse to provide their details in one of the methods.



Face coverings

Face coverings Done Notes

Is there signage to remind customers they must wear face coverings when indoors? Face coverings must always be worn indoors and only removed for eating and drinking.

Has it been highlighted to staff that face coverings must be worn when indoors in customer areas? A visor is not classed as a face covering.



Booking and queuing system

Booking and queuing system Done Notes

Does the business have a socially distanced queuing system in place?

It is advised to have a booking system in place for seated customers.



Hand gels

Hand gels Done Notes

Are there hand gels in all appropriate places of the business?

Are routine checks undertaken to ensure the dispensers are full?



Outdoor seating

Seating Done Notes

Is the seating Socially Distanced?

When people sit down they should be 2 metres apart. If they are less than 2 metres then further controls need to be in place.

There is more information on the Covid-safe layout of customer seating poster.

If seating is less than 1 metre for example fixed back to back booth seating, then a physical barrier must be in place.



Table service

Table service Done Notes

Businesses that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises must make sure:

  • the food or drink is ordered by, and served to, a customer who is seated on the premises
  • they take all reasonable steps to ensure that the customer remains seated whilst consuming the food or drink on the premises

Does the business have procedures in place to undertake table service?

Are staff able to socially distance from customers whilst taking orders/serving food?

Businesses that do not serve alcohol for consumption on the premises, must takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the customer remains seated whilst consuming the food or drink on the premises.





Done Notes

Are access routes to the WC marked out and managed?

How is toilet queue managed safely?

Aadequate ventilation in the WC and on route to the WC?

Hot water, soap and paper towel?

Increased cleaning frequency?

Records of checks and cleaning kept?

Signage for person limits?

Hand gel near WC?



Adequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation Done Notes

It is critical that you have good ventilation now that people can sit indoors as the risk of COVID transmission is greater in poorly ventilated areas.  

Do you have good ventilation in all staff and customer areas?

Are doors and windows propped open?

Do you carry out regular purging of rooms throughout the day - fully open all windows and doors to assist air change.

Air conditioning and ventilation units often re-circulate inside air and don’t draw in air from the outside - they can be used if there is a supply of outdoor air, for example windows and doors left open.

Fans can be used in well ventilated areas but should not be used in poorly ventilated areas.



Staff areas

Staff areas Done Notes

Social distancing controls in place in all staff areas?

Are staff working in fixed teams?

Is there a provision of good ventilation in all staff areas (see above)?

Do staff have easy access to hot water, soap, paper towel to wash their hands?

Do you have hand washing reminder signs for the staff?

Procedures in place for hand hygiene when handling plates/cutlery etc?




Cleaning Done Notes

Are hand contact points being regularly cleaned/disinfected?

Is there a procedure in place to ensure tables are safely cleared and cleaned in between customers?

Has the cleaning of menus and condiments in between customers been highlighted? NB: cutlery/condiments/menus etc should not be left out on tables or in customer areas. 

Is there an updated/visible cleaning rota in place for staff?



Bad weather plans

Bad weather plans Done Notes

Do you have a plan in place if the weather turns bad?

For example, if it starts raining and you have a number of people sat outside trying to come indoors. 



Take away service

Take away service Done Notes

If undertaking a takeaway service, are queuing and waiting customers socially distanced from seated customers?

Where possible serve customers from a hatch/your doorway and prevent people from entering your business


Covid-19 positive cases

Covid-19 positive cases Done Notes

Does the business have procedures in place for if you are informed about COVID-19 positive cases in connection with your business? 

Your procedures should include:

  • undertaking deep cleaning
  • determining close contacts within the business and asking them to self-isolate
  • contacting Test and Trace Self Service Hub with the close contact details on 020 3743 6715
  • reviewing your Covid safety risk assessments and procedures
  • undertaking staff refresher training on the businesses Covid safety measures

If you have more questions or queries about Covid safety in the work place please email Brighton & Hove City Council Covid Information Team: