Face coverings

Face coverings Done

Are staff wearing a clean face covering when facing the public? 

If not, do you have a screen that will protect staff and customers well?


Do you ensure that delivery drivers wear clean face coverings when entering the business?


Do you have a poster asking customers to put on a face covering before they come in?

Customers should be advised/encouraged to wear a face covering unless they have a valid medical reason not to. For example, using signage.



Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)

Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)


Businesses are being urged to undertake LFT with staff. Find more information on LFT.



Good hygiene and hand washing

Good hygiene and hand washing


Are staff wearing clean uniforms?


Are staff hand washing facilities close by?  Hot water, soap and paper towel (in a dispenser).


Do staff toilets have good hand washing facilities?  Hot water, soap and paper towel (in a dispenser).


Is hand sanitiser available in important places?   

  • At the counter
  • Outside the toilet (for use after touching the handles/switches)
  • At entrances to the building for customers, delivery drivers and staff
Daily checks must be undertaken to ensure dispensers are working/full

Are staff trained to wash their hands properly and more often?

  • Especially after blowing their nose or coughing into their hand BEFORE they touch any other surfaces? 
  • Hand washing is always more effective than antibacterial hand gel


Social distancing

Social distancing


Where possible serve customers from a hatch/your doorway and prevent people from entering your business.  If you do allow people in, how many people are allowed in the shop safely at one time? 

  • People should always be able to socially distance in your store at its maximum capacity
  • Is the number limit displayed for people to see before they enter?
  • How do you ensure that the limit is not exceeded?

You must be able to show how you came to this number. People should always be encouraged to enter the shop as a single person where possible. Think about how people are going to pass each other in the shop.


Do you help people queuing (at all points) to socially distance by 2metres?

  • Use of signs and posters advising people to keep their distance
  • Use of floor tape/marking

NB: you must also think about where the queue is being directed outside, so it does not cause problems for other businesses etc. You should also think about asking people to come back later if the queue is becoming too long/difficult to manage.


How do you ensure staff keep their distance from each other when working together? 

  • Do staff have designated working areas?
  • Are there social distancing posters in staff areas?
  • Are staff in work bubbles?


At the till or counter

At the till or counter Done

Do you have a 2-metre space in front of the till between staff and customers?

  • Has the 2-metre space at the till been clearly marked out?
  • Are there posters reminding customers not to step into the 2-metre space?

If you do not have a 2-metre space how do you keep staff/customers safe e.g. suitable screens.


Do you ensure social distancing when passing food and money to customers and delivery drivers? 

For example, do not pass directly to the customer/delivery drivers’ hand. Put the food or money down on the counter and step back to allow them to come forward and retrieve it?


Have posters been displayed to encourage contactless payment?


Do you have a Covid safe way to receive money and give change?

  • Sanitising the money before placing it into the till
  • Sanitising hands after handling money

Are cutlery and napkins given to the customer with the food? 

Don’t display cutlery and napkins for people to help themselves as this can lead to contamination.



Waiting customers

Waiting customers Done

Have you removed all seating or taped it off to prevent use?


Are customers advised to wait outside for their order to prevent people gathering inside?



Deliveries and delivery drivers

Deliveries and delivery drivers Done
Are delivery drivers wearing clean clothing and face coverings?  

Do delivery drivers wait outside when waiting to collect food from your business?

If not, do they have a designated space inside that is 2 metres away from customers and staff?


Do the delivery drivers carry out contactless delivery?

For example, place the open delivery bag on the customer doorstep, ring the doorbell, step back, allow the customer to remove the food from the bag, wait for the customer to step back before retrieving the bag. Then sanitise the bag.



Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection Done

Have you increased how much you clean? 

Focussing on points that people touch more often such as door handles, light switches, pens, till pads, card machines, counters, hand basin taps, door push plate.

Have you written out your new cleaning schedule and informed staff of it?  

Do you make sure you have sufficient cleaning chemicals and clean cloths?




Ventilation  Done

Good ventilation reduces the amount of virus in the air.  The risk of Covid transmission is greater in poorly ventilated areas

Do you have good ventilation in all staff and customer areas?

Are doors and windows propped open?

Do you carry out regular purging of rooms throughout the day?  (Fully open all windows and doors to assist air change)

Air conditioning, ventilation units – often re-circulate inside air and don’t draw in air from the outside.  They can be used if there is a supply of outdoor air, for example windows and doors left open. 

Fans can be used in well ventilated areas but should not be used in poorly ventilated areas



Access and exit

Access and exit


Has the shop door been wedged open so customers do not need to touch it? If not, why? E.g. it is a fire door.


Do you have a safe entrance and exit system?

  • If you have 2 doors, one should be labelled as the entrance and one as the exit
  • If only one door, the customer leaving the shop must be 2m away from the waiting queue





Has the cleaning schedule been updated, followed, signed and dated?


Are the diary start-up and closing checks being completed?


Have you told staff what they are expected to do to ensure COVID safety? 

  • Make sure to include delivery drivers
  • Regularly check staff are doing what they should be
  • Regularly remind staff what they need to do

Do you know what to do if the business is associated with a COVID case?

See Action Card for simple instructions about what you would need to do.

Get government Covid guidance.  

For more questions or queries about Covid safety in the work place, please send an email Brighton & Hove City Councils Covid Information Team: Covid.Information@brighton-hove.gov.uk