Prepare and cook doner kebabs safely

We view doner kebabs as a high risk food. You must handle and cook it properly. This helps prevent bacteria growing in the kebab which can cause food poisoning.

You should:

  • use only fresh minced meat when you prepare doner kebabs
  • keep raw meat in a frigde at 8ºC or below until you cook it
  • clean work surfaces, utensils, your hands and forearms and remove jewellery before you make the kebab
  • put the kebab in the fridge or freezer after you mix and form it, keep it there until you cook it
  • make sure the raw kebab does not touch or contaminate cooked foods or salads 
  • store the raw kebab in the bottom of the fridge, if you don’t have a separate one, and cover with a suitable material like aluminium foil
  • thoroughly clean your hands, work surfaces and utensils after you prepare the kebab and before any other food touches the surfaces
  • begin cooking the kebab as soon as you put it on the vertical grill 
  • continue to cook the kebab, remove thin slices of meat when it’s cooked, until you serve all the meat or you close for the day
  • never turn the grill off while cooking the meat
  • regularly clean and disinfect all your equipment, including the knife 
  • regularly clean your hands while you’re working
  • make sure your bain marie, if you use one, can keep cooked meat above 63ºC 
  • avoid touching the cooked meat with your hands
  • use clean metal or plastic tongs to fill pitta breads with cooked meat and salad
  • keep prepared salads in the frigde until you need them
  • throw away any meat you’ve sliced or left on the doner kebab when you close, do not cook or reheat it
  • keep your doner kebabs as small as possible to avoid food waste
  • regularly service your grill, following the manufacturer's instructions

If you need any more advice, phone 01273 292 161 or send an email to