Your business rates bill explained

A detailed guide to help you understand your business rates bill.

Understanding your bill

The image below shows an example of the business rates bill we'll send you each year, or if there are changes to your business rates account.

You can find detailed information about each part of the bill in the numbered sections below the image.

1. This is the name of the person or company responsible for paying the bill, and for the address the bill was sent to.

2 to 5. This area includes a description of the business premises, the property you're being billed for, and your business rates account number. Include this number when contacting us so we can help you as quickly as possible. The reason for the bill being issued is shown here too.

6. This shows the dates you've been charged for and the amount for each period. Any discounts or reductions you get will also be shown here.

7. This is the rateable value of your business property.

8. This is the multiplier used with your rateable value to work out how much you need to pay in business rates.

9. If you're entitled to transitional relief, this shows how it's been worked out.

10. This shows the dates when your monthly payments are due and their amounts, if you're paying your business rates in instalments. 

11.  Your chosen way of paying your business rates is shown here. The quickest and safest way is to pay by Direct Debit.

12. If you don't pay your business rates by Direct Debit, you can use this barcode to make a payment at a local Paypoint outlet. There's no extra charge to pay at a Paypoint.