Business rates for empty properties

Find out how business rates are affected if your property becomes empty or partly occupied.

Empty properties

If your business property becomes empty, you may not need to pay business rates on it for three months. After three months, you will normally have to pay the rates in full. 

This doesn't include industrial properties, for example warehouses, which stay exempt for a further three months.

The following properties also stay exempt until they are no longer empty:

  • listed buildings
  • properties with a rateable value under £2,900
  • properties owned by charities, if the next use of the property will mainly be for charity
  • community amateur sports buildings, if the next use will mainly be for sports

You can contact us to find out if your property is exempt or not.

Partly occupied properties

We may give you a discount on your business rates bill if your property is only partly occupied for a short time. This could be due to a fire or if the property is closed for refurbishment.

Send us a message saying:

  • which parts of your property are empty
  • why your property is partly empty
  • how long you think it'll be empty for

We'll then tell you if you can get a discount to your bill.