Bus Pass - Change your details

Use this form if your personal details or eligibility status have changed for your:

  • older person's bus pass
  • disabled person's bus pass
  • taxi vouchers

You'll need to give us:

  • your current contact details
  • proof, like a marriage certificate or deed poll, if you've changed your name

If you need help filling in this form, you can:

We process, analyse and use your data in a range of ways to better understand what our customers need and to improve the way in which the council delivers your services.

Find more information about how we use your data in our privacy and data notice.

Moving out of Brighton & Hove

If you no longer live in Brighton & Hove, you'll need to apply to your new council for a bus pass and return your Brighton & Hove bus pass to:

Concessionary Travel
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road

Price of a replacement bus pass

There is a £10 charge if you need a replacement bus pass before the expiry date.