Brighton & Hove climate assembly

We brought together a group of people to learn about climate issues and make recommendations about how things should change.

Report, response and next steps

Assembly report

A detailed report has been prepared on the findings of Brighton & Hove’s climate assembly, the first of its kind for the city.

The report, which has been produced by experts at Ipsos MORI who independently facilitated the citizens' assembly on behalf of the city council, summarises its findings and recommendations.

Ranked in order of importance, the 10 recommendations from the climate assembly are:

  1. A car-free city centre
  2. The public transport system should be affordable/accessible
  3. Creation of healthier low traffic/pedestrianised communities
  4. The council should actively consult and engage with the community
  5. Introduce mobility hubs - a mobility hub is a recognisable place which provides and connects up different types of travel, like cycle hire, station, parking and transport information
  6. Cyclists should be prioritised over cars through well-designed dedicated cycling networks that are safe and practical for day-to-day use as well as leisure
  7. Introduce a park and ride to minimise car use in the city
  8. Make public transport a more convenient alternative to driving a car
  9. Messaging should focus on what people gain rather than lose and educate/expand citizens' knowledge
  10. There should be a focus on incentives rather than sanctions as interventions

The recommendations are viewed by the assembly as a suite, rather than standalone ideas. They should all be implemented together in order to be as effective as possible.

Read the full findings report

Ipsos Mori have also produced a technical report with more detail for those that want a closer look at the methodology and the materials provided to members during the climate assembly.

Alongside publishing the findings report, lead council members from the Carbon Neutral Member Working Group wrote an open letter to climate assembly members.

They thank them for their time, passion and ideas in responding to the challenges we face as a city.

What happens next

We presented the climate assembly’s report in early 2021. It's being used to inform our Carbon Neutral 2030 programme.  

We’ve used it to guide our approach on how to:

  • make transport work for everyone in the city
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • bring positive benefits to people and nature

Get involved

We have used the climate assembly’s recommendations as part of wider public conversations, consultations and engagement on city strategies like the Local Transport Plan and the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. 

There are lots of ways you can get involved with tackling the effects of climate change and restoring nature in Brighton & Hove. 

Go to the climate action section of our website to learn more about our response to the climate and biodiversity crisis and opportunities to get involved. 

Take part in projects through ‘Let’s talk climate change’.

Send an email with your ideas and suggestions to or write to Carbon2030, Hove Town Hall, Room 166, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ. 

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