Brighton & Hove climate assembly

We brought together a group of people to learn about climate issues and make recommendations about how things should change.

Presentations and materials

Pre-reading materials were provided to climate assembly members to provide context and an introduction to the subject.

The materials also outlined what a climate assembly entails, why Brighton & Hove City Council is determined to combat the climate and biodiversity crisis and the timetable of upcoming sessions.

The climate assembly met virtually 5 times. The first 4 sessions included presentations from expert speakers and the last session was used to prepare recommendations for the report that came out of the assembly.

Session 1

Ben Skinner, youth campaigner

Watch Ben Skinner's presentation on climate change and its impact on the economy and youth.

Katie Cuming, Public Health consultant for Brighton & Hove City Council

Watch Katie Cuming's presentation on climate change and public health.

Jillian Anable, University of Leeds

Watch Jillian Anable's presentation on reducing carbon emissions from travel.

Mark Prior, Head of Transport for Brighton & Have City Council

Watch Mark Prior's presentation on an introduction to transport and carbon reduction in Brighton & Hove.

Session 2

Martin Harris, Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus

Watch Martin Harris's presentation on the local bus context.

Andrew Boag, Brighton Area Buswatch

Watch Andrew Boag's presentation on local transport user experience.

Councillor Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham City Council

Watch Councillor Waseem Zaffar's presentation on reducing car use.

James Ashton, Nottingham City Council

Watch James Ashton's presentation on workplace levy and electric vehicles.

Session 3

Councillor Clyde Loakes. Waltham Forest Council

Watch Councillor Clyde Loakess's presentation on low traffic neighbourhoods.

Rachel Aldred, Westminster Council

Watch Rachel Aldred's presentation on cycling schemes.

David McKenna, public realms designer

Watch David McKenna's presentation on accessible and inclusive street design.

Dr. Nichola Khan, University of Brighton

Watch Dr. Nichola Khan's presentation on migrant and refugee communities.

Session 4

Dr. Penny Atkins, University of Brighton

Watch Dr. Penny Atkins's presentation on evaluating effectiveness of different transport technologies.

Councillor Christopher Hammond, Southampton City Council

Watch Councillor Christopher Hammond's presentation on addressing Southampton’s transport approach.