Brighton & Hove climate assembly

We brought together a group of people to learn about climate issues and make recommendations about how things should change.

Advisory group members

What the advisory group was for

We set up an independent advisory group to oversee the climate assembly process. This helped make sure the creation, structure and operation of the climate assembly was transparent and fair for everyone.

Who was in the advisory group

The advisory group was chaired by Ipsos MORI. 

The advisory group included:

  • councillors from each of the main political parties on the council
  • policy experts
  • campaigners
  • local stakeholders

The members of the advisory group were:

  • Chris Todd, Transport Action Network, Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth
  • Dominic Kniveton, University of Sussex
  • Gary Fuller, Imperial College London
  • Nancy Platts, Brighton & Hove City Council Labour Party
  • Phélim Mac Cafferty, Brighton & Hove City Council Green Party
  • Prof. Samer Bagaeen, Brighton & Hove City Council Conservative party
  • Simon Burall, Involve
  • Lesley Murray, University of Brighton
  • Julie Doyle, University of Brighton
  • Rosie Sauvage, XR
  • Rania van den Ouweland, Youth Strike 4 Climate
  • Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation
  • Mark Prior, Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Nicola Khan, University of Brighton
  • Gavin Stewart, Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership
  • Matthew Adams, University of Brighton

All board members were present in a personal capacity. They do not represent the organisations they work for.

Read the meeting notes

The advisory group met 5 times after setting up their terms of reference.

Read the notes from each meeting: