Register a death

You must register a death within 5 days of it occurring, unless it was referred to the coroner.

Book an appointment to register a death

Who can register a death 

Where possible a death should be registered by a relative of the person who has died, but other people who can register include: 

  • a person present at the death 
  • the owner or manager of the residential home where the death occurred 
  • the person responsible for arranging the funeral 

Where to register a death 

The death must be registered at the register office in the district where the death occurred.  

You can book an appointment to register a death online or phone 01273 292 016. 

Registration is free. Death certificates cost £11, payable by Credit or Debit card. We are unable to accept contactless payments. 

If the person died outside Brighton & Hove 

Find a register office in England or Wales 

Find out what to do when someone dies abroad

What you’ll need to register the death 

Legislation has allowed Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to be emailed directly from a medical practitioner to the Registration Service. 

If the Coroner is involved they will advise you of what you need to do to register. 

During the appointment, we’ll ask you for information about the person who has died: 

  • the date and place of the death 
  • their full name (and any names they have previously been known by) 
  • their date and place of birth 
  • their occupation (and if applicable the full name and occupation of their spouse or civil partner) 
  • their usual address 
  • if the person who has died was married or in a civil partnership, the date of birth of their surviving spouse or civil partner 
  • whether they were receiving a pension from public funds 
  • their NHS number 

It will help us to register the death if you have access to some documents relating to the person who has died, but we can still register without them. 

This includes: 

  • passport 
  • proof of address (council tax bill or utilities bill) 
  • if applicable, their marriage or civil partnership certificate 
  • birth certificate 
  • if applicable, any name change documents such as change of name deed or deed poll  

Adult Social Care 

If the person who has died had any involvement with Adult Social Care, it is important to inform them of the death as soon as possible. 

What we will give you 

Once the death is registered the certificate for burial or cremation will be forwarded electronically to the relevant authority who will be managing the funeral. In some cases this will be issued by the Coroner. 

You can buy copies of the death certificate for £11 each, payable by Credit or Debit Card. We are unable to accept contactless payments. You may need certificates to notify banks, insurance companies, probate and other services.  

The Tell us Once service is available and will be offered at the time of registration. Find more information about the Tell Us Once service